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The 457 Visa program is temporary program where individuals, who are skilled in any of the positions mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List for Australia, can work in the country. Under this scheme, Australian employers can sponsor approved skilled foreign workers to stay and work in Australia for a temporary period.

This particular visa holder can be employed for a period of three months to about four years. Family can accompany the skilled worker once employment has been secured under this visa. Furthermore, this can increase your chances to secure permanent employment should you wish to stay in Australia permanently.

Australian employers, before they can nominate a foreign skilled worker to work in the country, have to show that there is considerable dearth of skilled workers in that particular job within the country. The skilled migrant can only work for the sponsoring company and is not allowed to take up job in any other company or sector during the period when he holds the 457 visa.

As of July 2013, the Australian government has implemented several changes with the Skilled Migrant Worker Visa scheme. The changes are bound to impact 457 visas program. To learn if you qualify for this program, please visit Vmake Visas Skilled Migrant Worker Visas for Australian Immigration.

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