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Great place for youngsters to build a career, Australian Immigration offers you the 476 visa scheme, where graduates of selected foreign universities can work in the country for up to 18 months, provided their qualifications are in demand in Australia. It is an excellent route to secure a bright future. Experience in an Australian company would enhance the quality of a young individual’s résumé. A detailed guide to 476 visas is provided by Vmake Visas.

One may even have an opportunity to stay in Australia permanently if the employer wishes so. Engineering graduates are in demand in Australia; their skills are valuable for the growth of the country’s economy. Be healthy, live in conditions and environment copacetic, and work for one of the world’s leading economies. Vmake Visas is the most efficient immigration company across the globe. Our trusted visa advisors have helped secure visas for a majority of the applicants. Please follow us to find out if you qualify for subclass 476 visas, or save time by simply clicking on the hyperlink below to our free assessment tool.

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Benefits of 476 visas

Australian Immigration subclass 476 is a skilled visa for engineering graduates of selected foreign universities to add up to 18 months of skilled work experience on their résumé by working in Australia.

It is a temporary visa, which allows the recently graduated engineer to live, work or study in Australia. The 476 visa may eventually lead to permanent residency if the applicant can secure a job. The duration of stay can be extended if the 476 visa holder secures a job and applies for permanent residency. Once the 18 month duration is over, candidates can apply for the 885 visa or skilled worker visa. Contact Vmake Visas today for more information.

Eligibility for 476 visas

Eligibility is based on the applicant’s education, skills, age, English language proficiency, health and character, and the applicant’s alma mater. However, the paramount need is that the applicant should have an engineering degree (or higher) within the last two years of applying. Furthermore, your skills should be in demand in Australia.

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