Canadian Immigration – Alberta PNP Program

The Alberta Ministry of Employment and Immigration is the governing body accounting for the nominee program and annual immigration quota required to address the immigration needs of the Alberta province. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program or Alberta PNP is a separate PNP authorizing Alberta to nominate candidates depending on skill set to migrate and settle in Alberta. The new agreement lays down that the Candidates fulfilling federal admissibility requirements are offered with Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate which speeds their application.

As per the new PNP agreement, there is no longer a cap on the immigrants’ figure that can be nominated for permanent residency in province of Alberta annually as well as no expiry date. The AINP will run until further notice, with Alberta providing targets for CIC to fit in its yearly immigration levels planning. The new PNP agreement enlists the steps taken to ease and haste overseas worker immigration and hiring by employers in need, including the Canada-Alberta Working Group creation to quickly identify labor shortage and address the problem. Also, Federal government and Alberta have approved a pilot project targeting to accelerate immigration of health-care professionals.

Jobs and Work Environment

Alberta is a province with the lowest unemployment rate as compared to rest other Canadian provinces and has great demand for overseas skilled workers offering higher salary and wage, further boosted with the lowest personal taxation in the Federal Canada. In addition, you can save greater chunk of your earnings due to lower tax rate. Recently, the annual immigration quota for permanent residence and temporary foreign workers has been expanded to allow more immigrants to settle in Alberta. Edmond and Calgary constantly ranked among the best places to work in the world by international surveys. Availability of job, higher wages, lowest taxation, robust economy and high lifestyle - all these facts together push Alberta as the top destination to immigrate and work in Canada under Provincial Nominee Program.

Eligibility Criteria

The Alberta PNP or AINP the applicant must receive a Nomination Certificate by Alberta before submitting the application. The candidate has to prepare a separate application to CIC after being nominated by the province of Alberta. The AINP offers visa approval for different classes, each having its own sub-classes.

AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Eligibility:

No job offer require to be eligible for this class and you must be currently residing in US for US Visa Holder, otherwise Alberta, sub-classes are :

  • U.S. Visa Holder Class (On hold until further notice)
  • Engineering Occupations Class
  • Compulsory and Optional Trades Class

AINP Employer Driven Stream Eligibility:

This requires a valid job offer from an Alberta employer to be eligible for this class, sub-classes are as follows:

1. Skilled Worker Class

  • Job offer should be in a skilled occupation (NOC O,A,B)
  • Must have prescribed education and specialized training required for the applying position

2. International Graduate Class

  • Job offer should be in a skilled occupation (NOC O,A,B)
  • Must have concluded a diploma, degree or graduate level credential from an authorized Canadian academy
  • Must have prescribed education and specialized training required for the applying position

Semi-Skilled Worker Class

Must have the required qualifications for the job in one of the industries:

  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Hospitality - Hotel and Lodging
  • Manufacturing
  • Trucking - Transportation
  • Food service (pilot project)

Eligibility for AINP Self Employed Farmer Stream:

  • Prior experience of managing a farm business
  • Qualification and training required to build up a farming business in the province
  • Business plan and objective for the farming business to be developed in the province
  • Proof that a financial institution of Canada is offering finance for proposed farming business
  • At least C$500,000 of equity to invest in the proposed farming business
  • Minimum net worth of C$500,000 or proof of access to that much amount funds from other sources

Procedure to Apply

After you received your approval package from the Alberta province including your nomination document, you need to apply for your permanent residency to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Your PNP nomination is valid for six months only and you must apply before expiry date. If you have authorized a representative then you will not receive the nomination document and it will be directly handed to your representative.

You have to submit the complete application to CIC along with all required documents including

  • Original AINP Nomination Document (photocopy should be retained for reference by you)
  • Completed and duly signed CIC application forms
  • All prescribed documents along with visa fees

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