Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The Canadian economy depends on sincere, hard-working foreign nationals who can contribute to the growth by filling in positions that the Canadian workforce simply cannot fill. Ergo, thousands migrate to the country each year. Majority of the skilled workforce enters Canada on a Federal Skilled Workers program.

Canadian visa under this program provides a route for immigration to Canada – a permanent residency status for workers with desirable skills.

The points-based assessment would apply here. Each applicant has to undergo this assessment for applying. If you do not qualify for this program, you may be able to apply for a Canadian visa of an alternative class. Call us or visit our office for further information. You can also take our quick assessment at the hyperlink given below for free.

Business Visas, such as Self Employed Immigrant Programme, Entrepreneur Programme, and Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) are some of the emigration routes which offer permanent residency status and opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship thereafter. They require a lower point score, but each Canada visa application carries its own requirements.

Furthermore, you may wish to explore the Provincial Nomination Program. It is another permanent residency visa option which does not require a point’s assessment.

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VMAKE Visas provides everything you will require for your relocation to Canada, immigration lawyer expertise, detailed information on the processes of immigration and more. For those who want to try living in Canada before you choose to relocate, there is the Working Holiday Visa scheme.

Our page on Canada’s Working Holiday Visa might be helpful for you.


Benefits of the Federal Skilled Worker Visa are manifold, some of which are listed below:

• Applying for a Canadian skilled worker visa allows full access to the domestic job market without the need for a sponsoring employer, a Canadian work permit or a specific job offer. • Unlike Canadian visit visas (often referred to as tourist visas for Canada), this permanent visa for when you immigrate to Canada places no restrictions whatsoever on working in the country. • Company specific conditions of Canadian work permits are by-passed and applicant(s) are free to work without constraint, with the status of a permanent Canadian resident. • After residing for three years in the country, successful applicant(s) may become Canadian citizen(s).

The Points System


For the Canadian Skilled Working visa, points are allocated based on each applicant’s highest level of achievement and the number of years the applicant has spent in full time education. Details are given below:

• Master's degree / PhD and a minimum of 17 years in full-time study add on to maximum points. • Two or more bachelor's degrees and a minimum of 15 years in full-time study. • Three-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate and a minimum of 15 years in full-time study. • Bachelor's degree plus a minimum of 14 years in full-time study. • Two-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate and a minimum of 14 years in full-time study. • One-year bachelor's degree plus a minimum of 13 years in full-time study. • One-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate and a minimum of 13 years in full-time study. • One-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate plus a minimum of 12 years in full-time study. • Graduation from secondary school incurs minimum points.

Language Proficiency

The official languages of Canada are English and French. The Canadian entrepreneur visa holder means a quick status change to permanent residency; therefore each applicant should be proficient in English or French before applying. Applicant(s) proficient in both languages should elect any one as their first language.

Points are awarded for speaking, listening, reading, and writing fluently, a maximum of four points per area for first language and two points in each area for second language.

First Official Language (Points are given per ability area)

• High = Maximum Points. • Moderate • Basic = Minimum Points. • None = 0 • High = Maximum Points. • Moderate • Basic = Minimum Points. • None = 0

(Note: Applicants not born in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or USA will be required to sit the International English Language Testing System exam).

Work Experience

Points will be awarded for the number of years spent in full time paid work. Occupations must be listed in Canada's National Occupational Classification as Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B.

Points will be awarded as follows.

• 4 years = Maximum Points • 3 years • 2 years • 1 year = Minimum Points


Points are also awarded for the applicant’s age in this class of Canadian immigration visas. Maximum points are granted to candidates between the ages of 21 to 49. Two points are deducted for each year above the given range. And no points are granted to applicants aged below 17 years or over 53 years.

Pre-arranged Employment

The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa does not require a specific job offer, as is the case with a permit to work in Canada, but an applicant will be awarded extra points if a job is in hand. Therefore, we urge our applicant’s to avail our full services whereby we can assist you in securing a fine employment in Canada.

Points are added to your total for a job offer approved by HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada). It does not matter if you are already in the country on a temporary work permit or applying externally.


In Canada, Federal Skilled Worker Visa applications can accumulate extra points for a range of factors related to you and your family's ability to adapt to life in Canada:

• Your spouse or common-law partner's education may be worth points. • Five points are available if you or your partner have completed a two-year post secondary educational course in Canada and another five if either of you has worked for at least one year in full time employment on a valid Canadian working permit. • You may be eligible for further points if you or your partner has a relative who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada.


The Canadian government has made provisions for spouse and dependant migrants in business visa applications. This allows your husband, wife, common-law partner, or unmarried partner to join you in Canada. Unmarried dependent children under the age of 22 can also join you.


The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker program is intended as a route to permanent settlement in Canada. Thus successful applications for migration to Canada will be granted permanent residence in Canada.

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