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Immigration to Denmark is a wise choice. With all the benefits available, provisions made by Danish government, one can acquire a peaceful and healthy life in the country of the Danes. Vmake Visas has a team of ex-immigration lawyers and solicitors that keeps itself abreast of current immigration laws and guidelines to Denmark. We have helped several of our applicants in achieving the right visa by providing them with the right immigration advice. We can make it happen.

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There are many paths to Danish immigration, where once qualified you can live and work in Denmark permanently. Your pathways to immigration include residency, family, work and study-based Danish visa categories. The details are laid out below.

Denmark Green Card

The Danish Green Card is one of the most desired for document in the world. With this card, an international worker or business person can live and reside in Denmark. The country’s economy relies heavily on Human Resources. Thus, countless opportunities are available for migrant workers to take advantage of.

Vmake Visas has a high success rate in securing Danish green card for our applicants. Our team members are experienced and their knowledge unsurpassable. Danish Green card immigration relies heavily on a points-based system. For securing a visa permitting migration to Denmark, applicant(s) have to prove that they can live in the country for a year without external or government financial assistance. One has to prove that one can survive solely on the basis of one’s existing bank balance for a year. Aside from that, a minimum education level is required. Language skills, age, work experience and adaptability are other essential qualifications terms for migration.

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