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Denmark, a beautiful and bountiful land, invites the able minded to come and live in the land, enjoy a fresh and healthy life. With arable lands and mild rivers, rolling plains and sandy beaches; a country teeming with resources and opportunities, Denmark is a place to be in the twenty-first century. The country’s economy relies heavily on Human Resources. Thus, countless opportunities are available for migrant workers to take advantage of. Immigration to Denmark, as tempting as it may sound, is not as simple as it seems, however.

The Danish Green Card is one of the most sought after immigration certificates in the world. With this card, it is certified that a foreign person or national can live and reside in Denmark and seek employment. However, the intricacies involved are only made aware to a few, experienced immigration service providers in the world.

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Denmark Green Card eligibility

Danish green card grants you permanent residency in Denmark. However, to qualify, each applicant has to score more than one hundred (100) points. These points are based on the applicant’s education, age, language, and work history. An applicant’s educational qualifications for the Denmark Green Card are assessed by CIRIUS, a body overseen by the Denmark Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Family members

Once the green card has been issued for you, your spouse will also be eligible to join you, and dependent children under the age of 18. Furthermore, your partner would be allowed to work full-time for the entire duration the Danish Green Card has been issued.

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