UK Immigration - Tier 5 Visas (Youth Mobility Scheme)

Youth Mobility Scheme is developed and launched for youth and young adults. This option is a cultural exchange scheme for Commonwealth citizens not yet full experienced in their respective fields. UK visas are granted to create reciprocal youth mobility opportunities in participating countries and the United Kingdom.

The YMS allows citizens of Commonwealth countries aged between 18 and 30 to visit the country for experiencing life in the UK. This would be like an extended holiday for them; they can undertake paid work in Britain, live responsibly during half their term, thereby creating opportunities within the participating country for UK Nationals.


To be eligible for this holiday working visa, an applicant must have sufficient funds to stay in the country for one month or more. They can undertake employment upon arrival and live their rest of the days utilizing their salary. A minimum amount of £1600 must be available in an applicant's bank account upon entering the UK.

Furthermore, applicants from non EU countries can only apply if their country has accepted responsibility for their participating nationals. Besides that they need to offer a reciprocal youth mobility opportunity for UK nationals.

Each applicant must hold a valid passport of a participating country and a certificate of sponsorship issued by their government. A minimum of 1000 spots are allocated for each country and their nationals.

Specific Requirements

Each applicant needs to clear the required points based assessment, which is calculated based on your age, sponsorship, and maintenance categories.

  • Sponsorship: A valid passport of a country with deemed sponsorship acquires the maximum points.
  • Age: Applicants will be awarded points if they are between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • Maintenance: Each applicant needs to show that they have a minimum amount of £1600 that they can use to support themselves during their stay in the United Kingdom.

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