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There exist several visa options with which an applicant can extend their visa in order to gain further leave to remain in the UK. In cases where a work permit is involved, the application for extension must be carried forward by an employer. Otherwise, candidates themselves can apply for an extension, as with Tier 1.

Tier 1

Certain criteria for obtaining further leave to remain in the UK, under Tier 1 visa, have been issued by the UK Immigration Services. Each visa holder should fulfill those criteria in order to apply for an extension. These criteria are as listed below:

  • Proficiency in the English Language by providing either an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score at or above band six, or documentary evidence of a Bachelor degree taught in English.
  • Reach a points' threshold on a points based system (PBS) comparable to that of their original application.
  • For education the PBS is the same as that for original applications.
  • Age is weighed according to the time stayed in the UK and the original visa application.
  • Prior earnings will be checked, based on the length of the original visa granted.

A UK immigration consultant at Vmake Visas can provide detailed information on this and all Tier 1 extension criteria.

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS)

A Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme is also known as UK working holiday visa. A Youth Mobility visa is usually granted for two years. If this was not the case, or an applicant was granted less two years on his or her visa, an extension can be applied for. A Youth Mobility visa is granted only once and, therefore, it cannot be extended beyond its 24-month maximum.

There are however alternates to this. Please contact our UK immigration team for further assistance in this regard.

Work Permit Extension

Extension for work permit for an employee is applied for by the employer. It is an employer led affair and must be lodged before the current permit expires. It can be extended for a maximum period of five years. However, those who have already spent five years in the country on a work permit, can apply for an ILR (indefinite leave to remain in the UK), and become permanent residents.

For individuals working in the UK on an Intra Company Transfer (ICT) work permit would be required to apply for an extension before their visa validity expires.

For an employer, it is beneficial that the vacant position filled by an immigrant need not be re-advertised in order to apply for an extension. In cases of change of employment, holders of work permits may be granted a new work permit for up to five years. However, multiple entry visa holders are not eligible for either change of employment or a work permit extension.

Graduate and Training Schemes

Foreign students studying on international student schemes are not allowed for visa extensions directly, as such visas are not intended as a means to permanent settlement in the UK. However, once a course is finished, an applicant can switch to another visa, such as the Tier 1, if they qualify and are eligible. Individuals may require an offer of employment or should have a family member or partner in the UK.

Individuals on a TWES or Training and Work Experience Scheme do not have the ability to switch from one UK immigration visa to another. It awards work experience or training visas for a set period. Extensions are allowed only in exceptional circumstances.

An international student with a Tier 4 student visa may apply for extension by applying for further leave to remain. One simply needs to prove that he or she has successfully completed the original course of study and is staying within the country to undertake a further course of study. Furthermore, one needs to prove that he or she will be able to support oneself financially throughout this extended duration of stay within the UK. Application for extension must be submitted before expiry of the original visa.

Doctor and Dentist Visas

A postgraduate doctors or dentists visa allows qualified doctors or dentists to undertake postgraduate study in Great Britain. Their visas can be extended by a period of up to three years at a time, where a candidate has secured a job in a specialist training post. However, it is still not considered as path to permanent settlement in the UK. A candidate will be required to return home once training has finished.

Visiting Visas

Visiting visas are granted for a maximum period of six months and cannot be extended unless in an exceptional circumstance that the original visa was granted for less than six months. In such a case, the original visa may be extended to the standard maximum period of six months.


Each dependent visa extension depends on the type of visa initially applied for. For example, in the case of a fiancé visa, no extension is available. The six months assigned to that visa for based on the sole fact that the parties involved will get married within the stipulated time in the UK.

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