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Tier 1

Remarkable Talent: For the incredibly gifted and capable people. Applications under this class are judged independently.

General: For exceedingly talented remote workforce. It is no more accessible for new candidates; be that as it may, existing visa holders are still qualified for a restoration or augmentation.

Post-Study Work: For understudies. People examining in the UK who wish to move to work license after finish of their course can acquire a Tier 1 visa. It relies on upon the aptitudes and training acquired while mulling over.

Business visionary: For sprouting or experienced business visionaries. A UK visa intended for the individuals who have experience and financing to begin a business in Britain.

Financial specialist: Similar to the Entrepreneur visa, yet with inconspicuous contrasts; a UK visa for the individuals who can make extensive interests in the British economy.

Tier 2

Work Permit: For outside workforce. An interim UK visa is allowed to a person who has a business offer from a UK organization. Hopeful must meet the base focuses prerequisite taking into account instruction and income.

Change of livelihood: For existing work license holders. People can switch employments inside of the UK with this change of visa.

Intra-organization Transfer (ICT): For abroad representatives of a multi-national organization who can be exchanged to the UK office.

Tier 4

UK Student visa: UK visas for outside understudies. Candidates must have a declaration of sponsorship from a British instructive foundation. Hopeful must likewise give adequate confirmation of the capacity of pleasing educational cost charges and everyday costs.

Tier 5

Imaginative and Sport Workers: For innovative people and sportspersons. Candidates must demonstrate that they are perceived on the planet as a pioneer in their field of aptitude.

Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS): For youth matured 18-30 years. This is a brief visa plan for youthful grown-ups from Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.

Family visas UK

Marriage visa: Applicants must be 21 years old and ready to bolster themselves.

Life partner visa: Applicants must be 21 years old and demonstrate that they expect to wed inside of six months.

Reliance visa: Forward relatives. Candidates must be a Mother, Grandmother, Father or Grandfather and meet the obliged criteria. Now and again, folks or Grandparents less than 65 years old qualify. Moreover, child, girl, sister, sibling, close relative or uncle under 18 years old likewise qualifies.

Accepted visa: For unmarried accomplices with settled status or ILR. They can convey their unmarried accomplice to go along with them through migration to UK.

Lineage visa: For Commonwealth natives whose grandparent was conceived in the UK (or Republic of Ireland before March 1922).

Traveler visa: For sightseers. It permits a visit to the UK for up to six months, additionally covers business excursions and medicinal treatment.


Uncertain Leave to Remain: ILR or usually known as changeless residency. Candidates must be living inside UK for at least 4 or 5 years ceaselessly on the same visa (the measure of years relies on upon which visa you are on).

UK Citizenship: For ILR holders. Candidates must be 18 years or over, more likely than not lived in the UK for no less than five years. Different conditions exist, for example, not spending over 450 days outside of the UK in the previous five years, and not spending over 90 days outside the UK in the most recent 12 months, and have not softened any movement tenets up the most recent five years.


Planned Entrepreneur: It permits candidates to live in the UK while they are endeavoring to begin another endeavor inside of the nation. This UK visa improves the pathway to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

UK Visa Extension

Visa augmentations rely on upon the sort of visa at first connected for.

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