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Australia Permanent Residency Visa

Australia Permanent Residency Visa is the most popular choice among immigrants worldwide with thousands of aspirants immigrating on Australia PR visa every year. Australia PR bestows the benefit of twelfth largest economy, unprecedented living standard, employment opportunities and healthcare to its overseas immigrant population. One can permanently immigrate to Australia by applying to any visa such as Student Visa, Family Visa, Business Visa and Skilled Visa which are the doorway to Australia PR.

One has to go through Australia PR visa eligibility and requirements before planning to apply for Australian PR Visa. Australia checks your eligibility by allotting points based on factors like age, education, work experience, etc.

Types of Australia PR Visas

Australia has compounded immense categories of visa for immigrating to Australia. You can choose the PR visa which suits your situation and requirements. Check the below mentioned Australia PR visa-

Skilled Visa

  1. a) Skilled Independent Visa-Subclass 189
  2. b) Skilled Nominated Visa-Subclass 190
  3. c) Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa-Subclass 489
  4. d) Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Student visa

  1. a) Student Visa (Subclass 500)
  2. b) Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)
  3. c) Training Visa (Subclass 407)
  4. d) Higher Education Sector (Subclass 573)
  5. e) Schools Sector (Subclass 571)
  6. f) Vocational Education and Training Sector subclass 572

Parent Visa

  1. a) Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 884/864)
  2. b) Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143/173)
  3. c) Aged Parents Visa (Subclass 804/103)

Child Visa

  1. a) Child Visa (Subclass 101/802)
  2. b) Child Adoption Visa (Subclass 102)
  3. c) Orphan Relative Visa Subclass 117/837
  4. d) Dependent Child Visa 445

Partner Visa

  1. a) Partner Visa Subclass 100/309
  2. b) Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300
  3. c) Partner Visa Subclass 820/801
  4. d) Remaining Relative Visa subclass 835/115

Business Visa

  1. a) Business Innovation and Investor Visa Subclass 188
  2. b) Business talent Visa Subclass 132
  3. c) State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa Subclass 892
  4. d) State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa Subclass 893
  5. e) Investor Visa Subclass 891
  6. f) Business Owner Visa Subclass 890

Work Visa for skilled people

  1. a) Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 124
  2. b) Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 858
  3. c) Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887
  4. d) Employer Nomination Scheme-Subclass 186

Benefits of getting Australia PR

The idea of applying to Australia PR is worthwhile as it gifts stupendous amenities on its front to countless number of foreign applicants.

  1. You can become one of the inhabitants of Australia
  2. You will get the impeccable healthcare facilities.
  3. You can enjoy the prestige of Australian education system.
  4. Australia PR rules are flexible, easy to follow and do not impose much restriction on Visa applicants.
  5. You can apply for Australian citizenship by fulfilling some pre-requisites.
  6. Applicant who has Australian PR can sponsor their family members for the Australia visa.
  7. Australia maintains immigrant friendly environment by offering employment opportunities, cultural diversities and robust economy.

What is Australia PR Points Calculator?

Australian PR Point Calculator is a system that allots points to the applicant based on some established factors like age, education, work experience, English language proficiency, health, character etc which is the deciding factor  whether you are eligible to apply for Australia PR or not. The minimum limit to score is 65 points which will make you eligible for submitting EOI (Expression of Interest) in skill select.

Australia PR eligibility requirements

Australia constructed systematic and straightforward immigration guidelines and regulation which is quite easy to follow. Australian government is very particular about their rules designed for the overseas immigrants in order to immigrate to Australia. Have a look what are the requirements of Australian visa-

  1. Candidates need to be below 50 years of age.
  2. A minimum acceptable score in IELTS test from an authorized test taking agency.
  3. You must qualify Skill assessment test by a trusted assessing authority which will check your education, English level, and many more.
  4. Australia employs point system for granting visa, so you have to score at least 65 points.
  5. If applying for nominated visa, then you have to obtain nomination from a Australian state or territory government.
  6. You are also required to choose from the pool of occupations available in the list called SOL/CSOL for Australia, only if you are going for skilled visa category.
  7. Submit a genuine EOI (Expression of interest) stating the purpose of coming to Australia.
  8. Every Australian Visa requires proofs of good health and character in the form of certificates.
  9. Evidence of financial funds required to support living in Australia for a definite period of time like bank statements etc.

What is the Australia PR process?

The process for Australia PR is different for different category of permanent visas.

Follow the step wise step process for immigrating to Australia on Australia PR visa-

  1. First you should become eligible by complying with the eligibility criteria for the visa you are applying to. You need to score minimum 65 points in point based system for Australia PR.
  2. Then, you need to complete your IELTS certification from recognized agency.
  3. Get your skill assessment test done from the visa assessing authority.
  4. Select the desired occupation to apply from the SOL (Skilled Occupation List)/CSOL (consolidated Skilled Occupation List) of Australia.
  5. You are required to get nomination from Australian State or territory government (which is applicable for Skilled Nominated Visas only)
  6. Submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) for the further procedure which is an important step for each Australian visa.
  7. If the Australian government finds your EOI perfect after scrutinizing, you will be granted an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  8. After you got your ITA you are free to apply for the visa application within the limit of 60 days.

How you can apply for Australian PR from India?

Every Indian is aspiring to immigrate to Australia to take the advantage of developed economy and lucrative opportunities. For applying to Australia PR you just need to follow the simple steps for that has been determined by the Australian government for the overseas immigrants from India.

It is recommended to take the guidance from a trusted consultancy firm which can provide step by step assistance related to Australian immigration. Make Visas has been operating as the best consultancy in India for past few successful years and have set up splendorous reputation in giving immigration services to the people of India.

How can Vmake Visas expert can help with Australia PR visa?

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