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Hong Kong QMAS Visa

The Hong Kong QMAS visa is permanent residency visa to live and settle in Hong Kong. The QMAS visa is dedicated to those immigrants who are highly skilled and talented workers who can positively contribute to Hong Kong economy.

The Hong Kong QMAS visa under Hong Kong immigration is a quota based entrant scheme which works on the point based system called as General Point Test and Achievement-based Points. QMAS visa in grants the successful immigrants to bring their spouses and dependents (below 18) with themselves on the condition they will support their family by providing accommodation and funding their expenses.

QMAS Visa Eligibility

  1. QMAS visa is not available for the nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam and rest all the other countries are eligible to apply for the scheme.
  2. The minimum age should be 18 years or above when you are applying for QMAS visa for Hong Kong.
  3. The foreign nationals immigrating to Hong Kong under this visa is required to provide the evidences of financial resources to meet accommodation and other expenses.
  4. The immigrants should show good moral character (no criminal records) in order to score good on point system.
  5. The foreign national should have both written and spoken proficiency in English language or in Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) language.
  6. Must have done basic level of education like an undergraduate degree, or certificate from a authorized university.
  7. Apart from all the above mentioned eligibility requirements the immigrants must also clear any of the two point test namely-
  8. a) General Point Test is point based test where you have to score at least 80 points out of 165 which is based in the factors like age, work experience, education, financial capacity.
  9. b) While in Achievement-based Point Test you need 165 points which will be granted only if you received an award (Olympic medals, Nobel prize, National or international awards) or if you have significantly contributed to your field of interest (lifetime achievement award from the industry).

What are the documents required for QMAS Visa?

After completing the eligibility criteria for QMAS Visa, the foreign immigrant need to collect the documents required for applying to QMAS Visa-

  1. Application form completed either in English or Chinese language.
  2. A valid passport with the copies of all the pages of your passport.
  3. Provide the evidences of financial statements like bank statements, bank certificates, statement displaying your current financial status or market value investments etc.
  4. Evidence of language proficiency test in from of copies of the result of any language test like IELTS, TOEFL for English, PSC or HSK for Chinese)
  5. A copy of professional educational like training certificates, internship certificates etc.
  6. Copies of academic qualification like graduation degree, transcripts of academic records.
  7. Copies of employment experience in the form of employment contract, reference letter if you are employed in other company.
  8. Present the record of accomplishments and career plan in Hong Kong.

All the documents must be translated into Chinese or English language to be eligible fo r approval to live and work in HKSR.

QMAS visa Benefits

Once the immigrants got the entry into HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) of Republic of China, they have plethora of benefits as listed below-

  1. Benefit of living in Hong Kong for permanent.
  2. Free economy with flexible tax rates, no inheritance tax and crippling foreign exchange.
  3. Cheap rates of traveling, food, medical, entertainment and telecommunication.
  4. Hong Kong government offers free education to the children of immigrants.

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