Making a life changing decision is difficult. Migration to a new country, whether it is for a job, a business opportunity or simply supporting one’s family member is not an easy task. It is a matter of changing one’s accustomed life, surroundings, and circumstances. For a youth, it would be an opportunity to soar high, and build a career that is world class. Yet it is a life changing decision. Which country to travel, how to get there, what visa to apply for, are some of the questions that would make your experience a troubling one indeed. Can you be expected to leave such a decision in the hands of new and inexperienced consultants?
Certainly not!
VMAKE Visas – a known group among the world immigration community – has helped countless individuals, students, and family members to make this change without hassles. Obstacles were removed with considerable knowledge, problems were solved using our vast experience, and hurdles were overcome by simply applying our collective minds in order to make this life changing course of our applicants a convenient one.
Why VMAKE Visas, you ask? Because we know you!
We understand what one is going through while trying to make this change a possibility. The hustle and bustle of going overseas, a long list of documentation required, virtually interminable conditions create chaos in immigrants’ minds. What seems like an unending stretch of formalities become mere trivialities once you register with us.
VMAKE Visas employ a strong group of counsellors, solicitors, and immigration experts, who deal each and every case with the understanding that this is a life changing decision for you. And they will help you make the transition as convenient an experience as possible.

Corporate Profile

VMAKE Visas is a part of VMAKE Group that has its roots strongly affixed in other areas of business such as Real Estate (VMAKE Developers), and Information Technology (VMAKE Technologies). The company’s roots are strong, and its bond with people just the same.
We offer personalized immigration services for individuals, students, family members, and businessmen, who wish to move abroad. We make your travel easier, migration smooth and comfortable. We offer visa services for studying abroad, travelling, Permanent Residency (PR), temporary stay, business, et al.

Advantage of VMAKE Visas

As our name suggests We make VISAS (VMAKE Visas). We are a part of the VMAKE Group, which has strong foundations, being a nurturing and supporting team to our immigration services. The most convenient feature of our website is that we offer chat facility during normal hours of operation. Thus you can chat with our immigration experts online at the convenience of your home or office and they will guide you towards the right path. All information regarding procedures and formalities for processing your visa application expeditiously can be gained at your ease and comfort.

Our Philosophy

Your success stories are our success stories! The services we provide to each and every applicant is based on this philosophy only. Making the transition for you from here to a country of your choice as pleasing and convenient as possible is our motto. Our name spells our identity and no better words can explain our mission. We cherish values like sincerity and dedication, understanding and patience when assisting our applicants so that they may be associated with our name and we may be associated with their success.

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