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Canadian Business Visas are granted to those foreigners who can contribute to Canada’s economic growth. The primary purpose behind such an offer is to attract foreign investors and experienced business people to bolster the country’s economy by investing or using their rich experience to set up a business locally.

Vmake Visas, with its vast network and experience in handling Business visa cases to Canada can easily guide you through the process of acquiring a Canadian business visa. If you are an experienced business person and wish to set up a business locally in Canada and work for yourself, our experts can advise you on the easiest route to obtaining a visa that suits your needs. Take the free assessment now and one of our counselors will contact you within 24 hours to answer all your queries regarding business visa for Canada.

Canada’s affluent markets provide ample opportunities for experienced business persons and investors to setup and operate businesses locally. There are different visa classes through which you can apply for a Canadian business visa. Each is set out below.

Only one application can be made for one class and it cannot be altered. Also read through our Canada Entrepreneur page to know more about entrepreneurship in Canada for a more clarified decision.

Canadian business visa for investors

These are simple routes to immigration is Canada. An immigrant investor visa can allow applicant(s) to become permanent residents of Canada provided they fulfill the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate their ability by proving their business experience (a minimum of two years’ of business experience has to be shown).
  • Show a net worth of Canadian 160,000 dollars legally obtained.
  • Make an investment of 800,000 Canadian dollars (refundable).

Furthermore, applicant(s) are required to prove that they can support themselves and their dependants once in Canada.

*Kindly note that Quebec operates its own scheme for immigrant investors.

Business visa to Canada for entrepreneurs

An enticing prospect for experienced business minded individuals is the entrepreneurship scheme for Canada. A scheme aimed at attracting foreigners to own and operate businesses in Canada, thereby creating jobs within the country and contribute fairly to the economy. A qualifying applicant must:

  • Show that they have a minimum net worth of $300,000 (Canadian dollars); and
  • Demonstrate that they have managed a qualifying business and controlled a percentage of that company’s equity for a stipulated period.

However the criteria are different for the province of Quebec. To learn more about the selection requirements for entrepreneurs in Quebec, please contact Vmake Visas.

Canada business visa for self-employment

Self employed business visa is another route to visit the country for the purpose of business. Foreign nationals are allowed to apply under this scheme; however, applicant(s) are required to prove relevant experience in one of the following:

  • Participation in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level;
  • Farm management experience; or
  • Self-employment in cultural activities or athletics.

Librarianship, journalism and performing arts, as well as the technical side of filmmaking and broadcasting are some of the qualifying occupations in the list. Furthermore, Canada operates a selection system for potential immigrants, which is points-based. A minimum score of 35 points is essential to qualify.

Our expert counselors can assist you in learning more about Canadian business visas and the role of CIC (Citizenship and Immigration to Canada).

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Canada Business Visas

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