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An individual with honed business acuity with years of experience can easily make Canada, the eleventh largest economy in the world, as his / her home. With the presence of some of the world’s most successful companies and an affluent population, Canada is an investor’s dream. Striking opportunities are available for an astute investor.

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Advantages of Canada Investor Visa

The Canadian settler financial specialist's visa is an extraordinary open door offered by the legislature to catch the notification of experienced businessmen who likewise have a decent measure of cash flow to contribute. Canada is a brilliant venture choice if on the off chance that you want to contribute. All you require are sure essentials and satisfy certain customs before you can to move to Canada on a perpetual premise and add to advancement of Canadian economy.

IIP (Immigrant Investor Program) gives an immediate way to being a perpetual inhabitant of Canada. Different advantages are:

  • No employment offer is needed as with Canadian work permits;
  • No limitations are put on the sort of work you wish to direct while in Canada, dissimilar to interim visas for Canada.

Fruitful applications for relocation to Canada however will get lasting inhabitant status. Also, following three years of your movement to Canada, living as a lasting inhabitant you can apply for a Canadian citizenship.

Qualification Criteria for Canada Investor Visa

Taking after are the necessities every candidate needs to satisfy while applying for movement under the financial specialist program:

  • Applicant(s) must show no less than two years of administrative experience.
  • Applicant(s) must have the capacity to exhibit base total assets of $1.6 million (Canadian dollars).
  • Applicant(s) must contribute $800,000 (Canadian dollars) with the Canadian Government for a long time (all of which will be discounted) or make a non-refundable one-time installment of $120,000 (Canadian dollars) more or less.

The basic role of propelling such a plan is to pull in workers who might have no issues in putting resources into the Canadian economy, without essentially beginning a business. Hopefuls considering this sort of movement can apply for stand out business migration visa. No progressions or changes are allowed once an application has been submitted.

Focuses System for Canada Investor Visa

A focuses based aptitudes appraisal is fundamental. Relocation to Canada is in light of instructive accomplishments, business experience, age, and dialect capability and every candidate is evaluated on the aforementioned perspectives.

Business experience

Applications for the Canadian Entrepreneur visa are conceded between 20 to 35 focuses for the business experience picked up in the most recent five years prior to presenting the application.


The Canadian government has made provisions for spouse and dependant migrants in business visa applications. This allows your husband, wife, common-law partner, or unmarried partner to join you in Canada. Unmarried dependent children under the age of 22 can also join you.

The Canadian Entrepreneur Visa is an ideal scheme for any experienced business person who qualifies as per the above mentioned points to set up and operate a business in Canada. It is one the Canadian business schemes that make up Canadian Business Immigration Program.

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